Doctors at NaHomolce Hospital in Prague perform AccuCinch Procedure in Patient with Heart Failure

Patient Case Study at Na Homolce Hospital

February 1, Prague/ Udalosti. The epidemic called “Chronic Heart Failure” affects up to half a million Czechs. An innovation being tested at Prague’s Na Homolce Hospital could be a turning point in the care of these patients. A special implant adjusts the shape of the left ventricle, which may allow the heart to work better and may stop the progression of the disease.

Even just walking uphill, Ladislav Hanzal, a chronic heart failure patient, was short of breath. Ladislav’s  life was changed due to his heart disease three years ago.

“I got sick and my heart collapsed,” said Ladislav.

He survived the heart attack thanks to doctors, but developed heart failure. His enlarged left ventricle did not work correctly. Medication was not enough for Ladislav; such patients become transplant candidates. But before Christmas, he was waiting for another investigational procedure that promised hope.

“I’m nervous, but hopefully it will turn out well,” said Ladislav.

Three days later, he was already in the operating room. An international team of doctors was about to introduce this device into his heart using a series of catheters. It is fixed into the tissue by small anchors.

“Our system is tailored for the patient so we build the implant in the patients’ heart,” said Michael Zapien, Vice President, Clinical Affairs at Ancora Heart.

The entire system is then accurately positioned by doctors using a catheter.

“Now we’re introducing the guiding catheter followed by an anchor, and then a second and third one. The anchors are designed for every window and each has a different shape,” said Petr Neužil, Head of the Department of Cardiology at Na Homolce Hospital.

Once all 14 anchors are in place, the doctors gradually begin to tighten the device inside Ladislav Hanzal’s heart. The shape of the left ventricle then suddenly changes and the heart pumps better. This is a month after the procedure.

Ladislav Hanzal’s good mood matches his results. “It’s getting better and better,” said Ladislav.

The method has been tested by doctors since 2017 and has been performed in around 90 cases worldwide. Here, at Na Homolce Hospital, there have been already seven cases.

“We’ve noticed that this procedure has improved the condition of every patient we’ve performed it on,” said Dr. Neužil.

Ladislav Hanzal is able to walk briskly now. In the course of time he could swap it for his favorite run.

Editorial team and Tereza Stárková from Czech Television.

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